Friday, February 12, 2010

So We Love

I buried this from the archive in light of this special day. Today marks one year with my love. I wrote this shortly after Jaclyn and I started dating. She is still as beautiful and wonderful today as she was the first night I met her. It has been an amazing year!

So We Love

Beautiful in the morning you were
Sun-kissed hair, gentle, meek and mild
Buried in the covers, still dreaming
If only I could see behind your eyes

I kissed your temple gently
Something to remind me that this is real
Natural and true, your beauty is

So we love, still, waiting to grow old
In form, in feel, to begin to hear
So we love, so we love

Clear the slate, bring on the day
Summer skin, won’t you take me away
The bearer of bold and steady
Rest beside me, only you and I

A whisper in the silence
Love exchanged through equal minds
Yet to be realized, you and I

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